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Sleeping patch 30x

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Sleep is important for recovery, and a disturbed night's sleep can lead to all kinds of functional problems. Try our patches and sleep well!

100% NATURAL | ingredients from nature
NOT ADDICTIVE | no addictive side effects
SLOW RELEASE | gradual dose over 8 hours
BIO AVAILABILITY | higher response & effect
Sleep problems and insomnia

Do you have trouble sleeping, have trouble falling asleep or are you restless? You are not alone, more than 20% of the people suffer from it. Sleeping problems are common in young people, but also in the elderly. Remarkable: 2 times more in women than in men.
Main factors of sleep disorder

Insomnia is the most common form of sleep problems. Symptoms include trouble falling asleep, staying awake for a long time, waking up too early, and not being able to fall asleep. Most of the time they are stress related and they are normally temporary in nature. If the symptoms persist for more than ± 3 months, it is chronic insomnia.
The solution: natural ingredients

The sleep pad contains a mix of sleep-enhancing ingredients. The main ingredient is magnesium, which helps the body make melatonin. There are numerous studies that show that the mineral magnesium plays an important role in sleep processes. Magnesium helps to fall asleep more easily. The other natural ingredients stimulate the other sleep phases such as: Potassium, Zinc, 5-HTP, Ashwaganda, Chamomille, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Hop and L-Theanine.
Benefits transdermal

The big advantage of the sleeping patch is that it has a much better bioavailability (4 times higher) than an oral product. Due to the slow release, the patch delivers a gradual dose over 8 hours. There are no peaks due to a sudden high dose. That is why the effect is longer and smoother.
Patch technology

CONTACT LOWER: This layer contains an all-natural adhesive making it safe for your skin, allowing the patch to be worn all over the body and staying in place all night.
FORMULA LOW: Contains the sleep ingredient matrix and is designed to release nutrients overnight, up to 8 hours.
BACKING LAYER: Soft foam layer provides the structural support to keep the transdermal patch in place all night.
The benefits of sleeping patches

- Stimulating falling asleep
- Restores REM sleep
- Improves staying asleep
- Increase sleep time
- Wake up refreshed
Directions (adults only)

1.) Apply 1 hour before going to bed.
2.) Remove the backing and apply the patch to hair-free, clean and dry skin. Best places on the body: outer shoulder, inner arm, top of the foot, shoulder blade, lower back or upper thigh. Vary the area on the body and skin for better results.
3.) Use consistently for a minimum of 14 nights. The results and response differ per person.
4.) Remove the patch in the morning after waking up

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